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California Cavys

Breeders web-Sites

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Hear we have Breeders Web-Site listed by what Breeds they do. If you are a breeder and would like your Caviary listed on this page you can email me at

This page still Under Construction



Arica's Cavies - Agoutis, Brokens
Broken Ivy -
Cavy Cache - Whites
Creator's Critters Cavies -
CavyKeepers -
Cava Bella - Brokens
Crystal Vision - Blacks, Solids, Dalmations, Agouti, Broken.
Erin's Precious Pigs - Himalayans, Whites.
Equinox Cavies - Blacks,
Gone Cavy - Brokens, TSW,
Highland Acres Cavies - Dalmations, Reds, Black, Chocolate, Cream, Brokens, TSW.
Hunts Cavies
Jelly Bean Cavies - Himalayns.
Jorden Hollow Cavies - Brokens,Dalmations, Black, Solid
Kiki's Cavies - Dalmations
KSJ Caviary - Goldens, Blacks.
Leeash Cavies - Whites, Backs, Chocolates.
Rushmore Cavies - Dalmations
Silvercrest Caviary - Brokens, TSW
StoryBook Cavies - Brokens
Whilalmettevalley Cavies - TSW, Brokens, Red.
Whild Heart Cavies - Lilac, Cream, White.


American Satin






Teddy Satin