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Updated 02/20/09





California Cavys

4-H Cavy Project

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Welcome to La Graciosa 4H Cavy Project Page. I will be posting here for our meetings, print outs, and just general cavy information. If you have any questions you can emal me and I will try to respond quickly.

I have been raising and showing cavies for 7 years now along with my daughter Megan. There are several shows in the area you may want to attend they will be posted on my show page. I will be posting meeting informtion along with print outs and news of what been going on.


Oct. 14th - @4:30 pm. First meeting you will need to bring a 3-ring binder, divider tabps, pen or pencil, and a parent. Meeting starts at 6pm Metzler home.

Nov. 11 th-We will be talking about getting our Cavies and what to look for in your breed.

Dec. - NO Meeting

Jan. -

Feb. 21 st. - We will be learning to fill out an Entry form and how to do Showmanship.

Mar. 21 st.- This Meeting will be in Ventura and last all day. We can carpool if you like.

Apr. 25 th. - Working on Showmanship and Judging. And filling out entry for Exhibit Day.

May. 9th - Exhibit Day at Nojoqui. Everyone must be there.

June - Practice showmanship.

July - Santa Barbara County Fair. Good Luck to everyone.



See Cavy Shows on Video- video 1, video 2, Bathing, Nail Cutting, Picking up cavy, Cavy Giving Birth



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March 21, 2009
Ventura's Small Animal Exhibit Day

April 2009
Santa Barbara Expo
Earl Waren Show grounds

May 9, 2009
Santa Barbara Exhibit Day
Nojoqui Park, Santa Ynez



Nov. 2009 ARBA Nationals Convenion
Del Mar Fairgrounds, California

20010 ACBA National Convention
Monterey, California


American Cavy Breeders Association


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